Forum Talk: Cowmmando, Link, and the ATIV S Neo


Are you a member of our forums? If you’re not you are missing out on some great stuff. Indie developers have been using the forum to promote their apps, and other people have been sharing stories and asking questions. We’d like to share some of our recent favorite threads from the WinSource Forums.

[Game] Cowmmando – brand new WP8/WP7.1(512MB Ram) game

“Cowmmando – new Windows Phone 8/7.1(512MB) game. I’ve spent many months developing my game and now it is ready. It is available as a trial and full paid version for $0.99 in almost 200 countries. It is PEGI3 so everyone can enjoy it.”

[Game] DarkTower – brand new logic RPG

Hello! Check out our brand new production.
DarkTower is a connection between logic game and RPG.

Explore floors covered in darkness and reach the top of evil tower. Fight against plenty of hostile creatures and minions of immortal queen. Be careful and reasonably manage your keys. Bad decisions will be irreversible.

[WP7/WP8] Link : connect all colored dots

I would like to present Link you the last game of our start up Loon Apps. Link is an original puzzle game. You must link colored dots with some path elements depicted on movable tiles. To do this, drag rows or columns of tiles to align the path elements of the right color.

Samsung ATIV S Neo

The Neo launched this week as the second Windows Phone 8 device on Sprint. If you buy this phone, or are curious about it, check out our new forum.

We love when developers promote their apps in our forums. A lot of the time they will answer any questions that users like you might have about the app. That’s a lot more helpful than just leaving a bad review in the Windows Phone Store. Join our forums today to find new apps and talk with developers!


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