HTC One variant launching with Windows Phone this fall, includes 1080p display


Recently there have been rumors about HTC “drifting away” from the Windows Phone ecosystem. The news came after Samsung passed HTC as the 2nd biggest Windows Phone manufacturer behind Nokia. Thankfully, for those of us that like HTC hardware, those rumors appear to be dead wrong. HTC is working on a new device based on their popular Android handset, the One.

Like the HTC One, this new device¬†will have a gorgeous 4.7-inch 1080p Super LCD 3 display. Many people have called this display the best in the business. The phone will also have 2GB of RAM, 32GB of memory, and Beats Audio. Processor was not mentioned, but since it will run GDR3 it’s likely to have a quad-core processor. HTC’s new device will have to go up against the beastly Nokia Bandit.

We are very happy to hear that HTC is not throwing in the towel. The HTC One is one of the best phones we’ve ever seen, in terms of hardware. It would be awesome with Windows Phone 8 GDR3 running on it. Do you want this phone?

[via Neowin]

  • If this phone actually does look like the photo above, I will be all over it.

  • For real, this is the phone that will make me (a WP 7.8 user) stop complaining and jump to WP8. Woow…what a gorgeous baby :-)

  • bibleverse1

    I would buy this phone.

  • yahtzee

    I’d switch to windows 8 for this phone. Not a fan of Nokia’s designs. surfing web for gdr3 release date so I can make the jump and have windows on all devices. just want to encourage htc to stay in the game.