Rudy Huyn looking for a new name for ‘6tagram’ Instagram app [UPDATE]


Rudy Huyn, the esteemed Windows Phone developer, has been hard at work on an Instagram app called 6tagram. The cool thing about this app is Instagram themselves have actually been somewhat involved in the process of getting it in the Store. Rudy submitted the app over the weekend for approval, and Instagram asked him to change one thing: the name.

So, creative WinSourcerers, got any ideas for Rudy? He has a couple of guidelines. 1) he would like ‘6’ to remain in the name, and 2) it can’t say ‘Insta’ or ‘gram.’ The rest is up to you! Leave your name ideas in the comments here, or tell Rudy on Twitter!

UPDATE: Rudy has chosen ‘6tag’. That is the name you will see when it goes live in the Store.

  • 6pic

  • buddy07

    6pix sounds better

  • Taylor Horwood


  • I like this one. 6 looks like a flipped g.

  • The word “Insta” is not allowed.

  • Taylor Horwood


  • Dill


  • Dill

    ORRRR PixLife

  • Meg Macauley McGowen

    Did you (Joe) mean it canNOT say ‘insta’ or ‘gram’? Otherwise, why did they reject 6tagram?

  • Meg Macauley McGowen

    6tapix or Sixtapix (flows the same as “Instagram”)

  • yeah, sorry about that.

  • Taylor Horwood

    It looks like Rudy went with “6tag” according to his twitter.

  • Indeed. Not my favorite, but it looks good next to 6sec.