Amazon program will let you upgrade Xbox 360 game to Xbox One for $10


If you’re interested in the latest games for the Xbox 360, but aren’t sure if you should wait for the Xbox One we have some news to make the decision easier. Amazon will be offering a trade-in program for 360 games with Xbox One versions. Users will be able to trade in their 360 version to get the One version for just $10.┬áThis deal will save users a ton of money from buying two versions of the same game.

Amazon will be offering this for FIFA 14, Call of Duty Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV, Black Flag, and Battlefield 4. What actually will happen is Amazon will give you $25 for the old game, and then another $25 off the One version. It works out to about $10 for the new game. One catch is you can only do this once per game, so don’t go hording used 360 games in hopes of getting cheap One titles. Check out the deal below.


[via XboxOneDaily]

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