6 new Nokia device codenames leaked, Bandit phablet included


The notorious and reliable Twitter leaker, @evleaks, is at it again. Today he has tweeted out six Nokia codenames of devices being worked on right now. @evleaks is almost never wrong, so we take notice when he says something related to Windows Phone. One of the codenames should sound familiar from a leak on Monday about Nokia’s phablet.

The six codenames are┬áBandit, Lanai, Orion, Pegasus, Rivendell, Shorty, and Siruis. We heard about Bandit, the 6-inch/1080p/20MP phablet, on Monday, but the rest of these devices are unknown. There is some speculation that “Rivendell” is Nokia’s Windows tablet, but we have nothing to base that on. All we can really get from these codenames is that Nokia is working on stuff, which is always a good thing.

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