Microsoft makes fun of college students with iPads in latest commercial

Microsoft is all about taking on the iPad these days, and for once they actually have a compelling argument.┬áIn their latest ad they are showing how a Windows 8 ultrabook is more useful than an iPad with a keyboard. Duh. Comparing a full-fledged laptop to an iPad isn’t really a fair fight, but of course the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga wins.

This ad suffers from the same problem a lot of their ads have. No one is disputing that a Windows 8 device is more functional than an iPad, but that doesn’t mean people actually want one. These devices still suffer from the “Windows” problem. They just don’t seem cool. Until Microsoft can show that a Windows 8 device can be just as fun as an iPad these ads won’t work.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    People really use their iPads for school? I would never.

  • Asok Asus

    It seems like these kinds of ads would be counterproductive for
    Microsoft, since presumably most of the folks who own iPads find them
    useful and would not believe Microsoft’s attacks on ipads, which means
    they would then be highly unlikely to believe Microsoft’s claims
    regarding Windows 8 tablets. Furthermore, these folks would be inclined
    to communicate these believes to their friends who may not yet have an
    ipad and were thinking about getting one.

    This Microsoft ad would be like Chevrolet showing an ad where someone who
    bought a Ford crashed and burned because the Ford was so unsafe.
    Besides, I thought it was axiomatic in advertising not to dwell on the
    other guy’s product, especially by brand name because that’s just giving
    free advertising to the other guy. In fact, with the exception of
    colas, you almost never see that approach used. I can only assume these
    ads have been done out of sheer desperation (or maybe just garden
    variety incompetence).

  • dshearn

    You would think….
    But Apple basically did the same thing for an entire decade with thier Mac vs PC ads.
    This ad may actually have some truth to it …alot of people that use ipads at work…do in fact carry a keyboard for data entry.