Netflix for Windows Phone gets new “My List” feature in latest update


RIP Netflix Instant Queue.

Today Netflix announced a brand new feature called “My List.” This new feature will replace the Instant Queue, and hopefully make it much more useful to subscribers. The Instant Queue has always been just a boring list of things you’d like to watch. The Queue was ordering by when things were added, unless you manually reordered the queue. My List changes that.

With My List, Netflix will reorder your queue by what it thinks you will want to watch first. It will put the things you are more likely to watch right up front, so hopefully they don’t get buried and forgotten. The latest update to Netflix for Windows Phone simply replaces the Instant Queue with My List. We’re very impressed to see this update arrive right along with the new feature.

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  • Tumultus

    The only problem: Netflix doesn’t support profiles on Windows Phone, so, you’re basically always looking at the queue of the main user’s account!