6tag, the first full featured Instagram app for Windows Phone, is available now

6tagram pano

The app formerly known as 6tagram is finally available for everyone to download. After Instagram asked Rudy Huyn, the developer, to change the name the app is now called ‘6tag.’ But the name is the only thing that has really changed. We’ve been using the beta for several weeks, and we can say this is undoubtedly the best Instagram app we’ve used. On any platform.

As with other unofficial apps, the biggest complement we can give 6tag is that it does everything an official app can do, and more. There is support for Instagram’s 15 second videos, filters, sharing, commenting, liking, and much more. The one thing that 6tag can’t do is add filters to videos. Rudy makes up for that by adding features the official app doesn’t have, like a grid over the viewfinder for perfectly centered shots.

6tag is available now for free on Windows Phone 8 devices (including those with 512MB of RAM). Check out our hands-on video with the beta below to see it in action.

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  • Silversmith

    I wish 6tag would add the recent feature that allows you to upload videos saved to your device!