Forum Talk: Sketch Pad, Ice Piano, and your favorite hobbies


Did you know we have forums? It’s true, and if you’re not a member you are missing out on some great stuff. Indie developers have been using the forum to promote their apps, and other people have been sharing stories and asking questions. We’d like to share some of our recent favorite threads from the WinSource Forums.

[App] Sketpad for Windows Phone

Sketch Pad is an extremely powerful and easy to use drawing application that allows you to create sketch, diagrams, flowcharts etc on the run.

Ice Piano in this week is FREE! Try it now the power of music!

Do you always want to learn to play piano? Now you can realize your dream with a new game Ice Piano! Ice Piano contains a diversity of well known composers’ tracks, that will create you a pleasure to learn and pass all levels, finally becoming a true pianist.

Your favorite hobby/collection/obsession, ready go!

In this thread we are just sharing our hobbies, collection, and obsessions. What are you into? Find out what fellow WinSource readers like, and share your own!

ATIV S Neo or HTC 8XT?

Sprint now has a couple of Windows Phone 8 devices, which one are you choosing? The ATIV Neo or the 8XT? Let us know in the thread, and tell us why!

We love when developers promote their apps in our forums. A lot of the time they will answer any questions that users like you might have about the app. That’s a lot more helpful than just leaving a bad review in the Windows Phone Store. Join our forums today to find new apps and talk with developers!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Didn’t know your forums were used by devs! Will definitely check them out more often.