The Best of Steve Ballmer: 2 Minutes of Insanity [Video]

Earlier today Microsoft announced that CEO Steve Ballmer will be retiring in the next 12 months. In that time they will be working to find a replacement for one of the most iconic figures in modern technology. Ballmer will be remember most for his crazy antics and profuse sweating. We have compiled a two minute highlight reel of some of Steve’s most memorable moments.

What are your favorite Ballmer moments? “Developers, developers, developers!” will always be a popular choice, but I personally love the Night at the Roxbury parody he did with Bill Gates. It’s not often you get to see a major CEO dancing in a red suite to What is Love. Let us know your favorite Ballmer moments in the comments below!

  • Heh, I like when him and Bill were on that panel.. “me? Me? Me? Him? me? him? me?”

  • Billscarnage

    Night at the Roxbury one’s are great.