The rugged Windows Phone is here: Nokia selling Lumia 620 ‘Protected Edition’

Nokia rugged 620

While some of us scoff at the idea of hiding our device inside a clunky case, others need them to keep their device in working condition. Slapping on a Otterbox case will do the job, but it will also double the weight and thickness of the device. A more integrated approach is better. Windows Phone doesn’t have any “rugged phones,” but it looks like Nokia is once again doing their part to fill the gap.

Nokia has begun shipping a Lumia 620 “Protected Edition.” What makes this 620 different is the IP54-rated protective shell that it comes with it. The 620 has a replaceable back cover, which Nokia has simply swapped out for a tougher version in this “Protected Edition.” The new cover makes the device able to withstand dust, mud, and water splashes, but it’s not waterproof enough to be submerged.

The protective shell itself has been around for a while, but Nokia just started selling it with the device. You can buy the “Protected Edition” phone for $320, or just the protective shell alone for about $35. Remember, always use protection.

[via Windows Mobile PU]

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