“Sirius” is Nokia’s 10.1-inch Windows RT tablet, will be priced to match the iPad

nokia sirius tablet

What better way to start a new week than with some new Nokia tablet rumors? Sources have revealed Nokia’s tablet plans to The Verge in great detail. People have been waiting for Nokia to make a Windows tablet, and if this device doesn’t sell well it could be the only one we ever see. Let’s take a look at Nokia’s first tablet.

The device is known internally as “Sirius.” It has a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1080 display, quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, microSD, microHDMI, microUSB, 6MP camera on the back, 2MP on the front, and it will run Windows RT. Nokia is also shooting to get 10 hours of battery life with LTE connectivity.

Nokia will offer a range of accessories to go along with the tablet, including a keyboard dock with additional battery. Sirius will come in colors, and will resemble a Lumia phone in design. Since it will be running Windows RT, Nokia will be able to price the tablet in the same range as Apple’s iPad. Sirius will be revealed at an event in late September.

What are your thoughts on a Windows RT Nokia tablet? Should they use Windows 8 instead? What price does it need to be?

  • Windows RT… ugh

  • bawboh

    I like my Surface RT, but I think this would sell better if it were
    running Windows 8 with Haswell chipset. It’d be a bit pricier than an
    iPad, but it would get the same battery life and still have everything
    you needed to run all Windows applications.

  • pirate78

    I believe that the “Ugh…RT” responses are from people who do not use their consumption device for any real work, which is fine; or those who never bought an RT to begin and are just jumping on the bandwagon of voicing their dislike of the ARM OS tablet because they feel their piece of hardware is so much more superior that that of “Microsoft”. The market is big enough for all types of consumption devices, those that are purely for entertainment and those that balance that with some productivity. Surface RT had filled that specific need for me. I was desperate to find a portable computer that allows me to work extended hours while on the go which was slimmer and less power-hungry than a laptop. At first I had high hopes with Asus Prime TF201 due to its design but the build quality of it dashed my hopes. It was sluggish, lacked Asus’s interest because they stopped supporting it after a while, horrid Wi-Fi issues that made any browsing impossible, and the constant app crashes were a killer for me. Surface RT was the opposite experience. The Wi-Fi was incredible, no crashes (or not often), the applications were not gimmicky. Due to it utilizing an ARM chipset, there was no need to have an extended battery in the dock which made it lighter. I have internet at all times through my phone (which is cheaper than paying for the 4G devices and their plans, by the way). All that made me a satisfied RT owner.

    Thank you Microsoft. More RT’s are welcome! 8″ devices are even more welcome :)

    If Nokia is looking at making RT that gives me more power, slimmer form, less weigh, USB 3.0, a pen (come on Nokia) and colors to choose from…fantastic!

  • FYI, you can reply directly to my response instead of dropping hints and I actually own a Surface Pro by the way. Of course I feel my Surface Pro is so much superior than Surface RT! Heck yes. Don’t jump into conclusions next time.

  • pirate78

    Joe, I do not drop hints, and I was not merely responding to your post alone, but to many I had read that day and most were from other threads. Please do not take offence.

    As for my assumptions, they are mostly accurate :). You do not own an RT (?) or if you had, you did not like that you couldn’t run regular Windows software on it, which is supportive of my assumptions. I, on the other hand, do not own a Surface Pro, but have easy access to it from a close friend. After thoroughly using both, I am convinced that RT has its place in the plethora of tablets available and is filing the need I have for a companion device with a fantastic battery life and functionality as well as media capability. Pro is great, if I didn’t already have a computer, but on the go, it is very power hungry, gets quite hot and is a lot heavier to hold than the RT.

    Again, Surface RT has its place.

    Finally, about your comment “Surface Pro is so much superior”, I don’t doubt it. I have not made a statement stating otherwise, so I am not sure that was mentioned.

    As for the Nokia’s design, it does look amazing. I too hope that they will make a Pro version as well. I also hope that they will include the pen functionality for RT as well, but that’s another need I have ;).