Sprint puts the HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo on sale already

Samsung ATIV S NeoHTC 8XT Tiara

Sprint hasn’t had Windows Phone 8 devices for more than a few weeks, but they are already having a sale. The HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo, Sprint’s first Windows Phone 8 devices, can now be had for just $0 and $50. The 8XT went on sale in mid-July, and the Neo has only been available for 10 days. These price cuts are coming quick.

We don’t know exactly why the phones are going on sale so quickly, but we’re sure a lot of people will point to poor sales. If true, we won’t be surprised. We’ve heard from several readers that Sprint stores aren’t carrying the Neo at all. This is the same type of behavior that made the HTC Arrive sell so poorly. If Sprint is not willing to sell or advertise the phone what do they expect to happen?

Grab the 8XT for free and the Neo for $50 below, with new contracts of course. Show Sprint that Windows Phone devices are wanted!


  • bibleverse1

    These were not the devices people wanted.

  • hal d

    Sprint was foolish. For the record I am going to pick up the 8xt asap. The phones are cool but everyone was hoping for at least some attempt at the tip line phones like Nokia has. Still, sweet phones so I’m grabbing one.

  • Win_Fan

    Ok, so if anyone took any time they would see that all the phones on sprints website are on sale for a 99.99 off when you bring your number over from another company. Its switch and save discount. And the reason the ATIV S NEO wasn’t in the store, it was a order only for the first week, and now its in all the stores. If your going to write a web article please know what you are talking about first…..

  • That Defies Logic

    None of the smart phones are very expensive right now. At Sprint the iPhoe is 99, the 4s and 4 are free. The much heralded HTC One is buy one for 99 and get one free. The only other smartphone that you have to pay for at Sprint is the Galaxy 4.

    I think we are seeing the beginning of a very slow smartphone market.

  • Q

    I disagree. I picked up an ATIV S Neo this past week and I’m loving it. Nokia can’t (and shouldn’t) be the only manufacturer in the Windows Phone game. People forget that competition is good for the consumer – having Nokia be the only one running the show would not be a good thing in the long run, even though they do make quality devices.

    That said, this article is misleading. The price cuts aren’t just for the Windows Phones. It’s Sprint in general. They’re having a store-wide sale for people who switch and port their numbers over. Everywhere keeps posting that these discounts are for the Windows Phones, when it’s for everything.

  • bibleverse1

    The Ativ S Neo and the HTC 8XT are fine devices I was hoping Sprint would get the Lumia 521/520.