Official ‘Copy’ cloud storage app comes to Windows Phone 8

copy screenshots

Copy, one of the newest cloud storage options to enter the scene, has just released an official Windows Phone 8 app. They already have apps for Android and iOS, so we are glad to be included. If you use Twitter you might have already heard of Copy. When the service began they let users add storage to their account by referring people with tweets.

Copy offers 15GB of storage with a free account. $10 a month will get you 250GB, and you can go up all the way to 500GB if you have the money.┬áThe app itself is pretty basic for an initial release. Right now you can only view files that have already been uploaded, you can’t add more from your phone. Hopefully in future updates they will add that capability, and also the ability to auto upload photos. Download Copy for Windows Phone 8 for free below.

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    I actually have 1.5 TB of free storage in Copy. LOL. Will start using it with my next Windows Phone.