Rowi hits Twitter token limit, pulls app from Windows Phone Store


Well, it finally happened. Rowi, the popular Twitter app, has hit its token limit. Twitter gives 3rd-party apps a 100,000 user limit. Once they the app hits that limit no more users can sign in. Hidden Pineapple, the developer, has no other option than to remove the app from the Windows Phone Store.

The paid version of Rowi is still up in the Store and available to download, but it will only work if you have previously purchased the app. The free app has been pulled, and users of the free version will no longer be able to download Rowi should they move to a new device. Soon Hidden Pineapple will release information on what they plan to do going forward.

It’s a sad day for a great Twitter app. Rowi had an excellent run, but Twitter has implemented these harsh limits to force people to use the official apps. What Twitter app do you use?

[via Twitter]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    All these limitations are really getting to me.