Temple Run: Oz runs into the Windows Phone Store

Temple Run Oz

It took a long time for Windows Phone users to get their first Temple Run game, but now we have three to choose from. The latest is another collaboration with Disney for the movie Oz The Great and Powerful. Like Temple Run Brave this game offers not only a new skin on the classic endless runner, but it also offers some new elements. Plus, it’s finally in glorious HD.

The game looks really amazing in high-definition, and we’re glad to see Disney and Imangi finally take advantage of that. Gameplay is similar to other Temple Run games, but with a few twists. There is a new balloon flying element and new power-ups as well. The game will costs you $0.99 (no free trial) if you have a Windows Phone 8 device. If you like running, Oz, and hot air balloons you will love this game.

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