Instance gets a brand new Twitter-like UI and video uploading in next update

instance v2 beta

We’ve been talking a lot about 6tag, the new Instagram app from Rudy Huyn, lately, but let’s not forget about Instance. Before 6tag came around the hands-down best Instagram app for Windows Phone was Instance. In the latest beta release the developer has made some big changes to help bring it up to speed with 6tag, and maybe even reclaim its spot as best Instagram app.

Version 2 of the beta brings a completely redesigned UI. It looks very similar to the official Twitter app for Windows Phone, but that’s not a bad thing. The other big new feature is the ability to upload videos to Instagram, which also has a new look. Other new features include more filters and borders, manual focus,¬†share to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr, and much more.

This is an update for the beta version, but it should roll out to the Store version some time soon. If this keeps up Instance and 6tag are going to make it hard for an official app to compete.

[via Twitter]

  • ben

    Will Instagram still mark Instance users as “suspicious” though?

  • That’s a good question.