YouTube’s new Metro-like logo just begs to be a Live Tile

new youtube logo

Google has started rolling out a new logo across the YouTube social networks that looks very familiar. The logo consists of a flat white “Play” button on a red backdrop with a thin wordmark underneath. This new logo screams “Metro,” “Modern UI,” “Windows 8 UI,” or whatever you want to call it. Google isn’t the only company to move to a more Metro-like design, but it’s ironic considering recent events.

This new logo would look great on a Windows Phone or Windows 8 live tile. In fact, most of Google’s redesigned services would fit right in with the Windows Phone UI, as seen in this photo. They love Metro design, but they don’t love Microsoft. It’s a shame that the two can’t work together, because Google apps would fit right in on Windows Phone. Hopefully the next update to the YouTube app will include this logo.

[via The Verge]

  • They love the Metro but hate Microsoft….sad :(

  • Mike E. Delta

    Google : Microsoft = Bizarro : Superman, NOT that I’m comparing Microsoft to Superman, just saying the relationships are the same…although, there was that Seinfeld/Gates commercial. =p