Forum Talk: Transitioning from iTunes, Chrome freezing Windows, and more!


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Music software for Windows phones.

“Are they as good as Itunes? This is the easiest software I have used when it comes to editing song information and transferring music. I have a lot of songs and I like to have them clearly organized under their artist names/albums and such…how are the pc media software that the Windows phone manufacturers provide?”

Is Chrome for Windows freezing up all the time?

If you find that Chrome is freezing up a lot in Windows we have a solution that could solve your problems. Chrome can be a bit of a hog, so I’m sure many other people have this same problem.

Do you actually want a phablet?

The Lumia 1520 is probably definitely coming. I know a lot of Android users love the Galaxy Note, but I’m not sold. Do you actually want a device that is so big it barely fits in your pocket? Weigh in with some of our other forum members.

Just pre-ordered the Lumia 925!

I pre-ordered the Lumia 925 this week and I’m looking for some people to geek out with me. Any takers?

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