Microsoft and Google join forces to sue the NSA

Microsoft Redmond HQ

Microsoft and Google don’t usually work together, but sometimes they put their differences aside for a common goal. That goal has nothing to do with Windows Phone apps or “Scroogled,” in fact it’s something much more serious: the government. Microsoft and Google are suing the government in regards to the NSA and transparency.

Here’s the basic story: the NSA is trying to keep Microsoft and Google from making information relating to FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) public. Microsoft and Google are trying to be transparent, but the NSA is stopping them.

The companies have both been fighting this for a while. Back in June they sent the government complaints on the issue. After countless delays and failed meetings no changes have been made, so now they are resorting to more aggressive actions. Microsoft and Google both believe information should be available to the public, and we happen to agree. The NSA does not.

The government has made small steps in the right direction by allowing security requests from the past 12 months public. It’s still not enough to make Microsoft and Google happy. We should also note that other companies are working to accomplish the same goal.

Now we pose the question to you: should the government allow companies to share any information they want? Should there be some limits in order to keep certain things safe? Who is right and who is wrong in this situation?

[Phandroid via Microsoft]

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