Nokia announces new HERE Connected Driving apps for car makers


Today Nokia has unveiled a new suite of apps, but they aren’t for your phone. These new apps are actually for your car, and they could make driving a whole lot easier. Earlier today Nokia announced HERE Auto, HERE Auto Cloud, and HERE Auto Companion. Nokia is working with car makers to bring HERE Maps to car dashboards for a end-to-end driving experience.

What the heck are you talking about?

So here’s how it will work. Your car will have HERE Auto built-in to the in-dash display, and your phone will have the new HERE Auto Companion app. These apps, along with HERE Auto Cloud, will work together. HERE Auto is the first in-car navigation system that doesn’t need a data connection, and it has voice guided navigation, and can update map info when connected to the internet.


Auto Companion can send directions to HERE Auto so you don’t have to fiddle with the in-dash display. Auto Companion can also show you a whole lot more about your car, such as fuel level, temperature, miles, washer fluid levels, and more. Nokia is launching Android and Windows Phone versions of Auto Companion. We’re excited about this new technology in cars.

[via Nokia]


  • Edgar Cervantes

    I wonder if this stuff really takes off. I mean we have seen NVIDIA and others do really cool stuff, but I don’t think people are willing to pay the premium for it.

  • PlyPlay665

    All I know is that if Volkswagen gives the option for it in their Jetta, I’ll definitely be buying it. It’ll be great integration of all the things I like!