[POLL] Will your next Windows Phone device be a phablet?


We are living in the Age of Phablets, but so far Windows Phone devices have not fell to the trend. As we’ve seen in recent rumors that will be coming to an end soon with the Lumia 1520. Nokia is surely not the only manufacturer to build a Windows Phone phablet. As soon as GDR3 arrives we will see more.

Our question to you, on this Labor Day, is do you care? Android users have gone crazy for phablets, will you? When it’s time for you to upgrade your phone will you consider a phablet? Let us know in the poll below!

  • bawboh

    I have small hands and can’t use phablets very well. I think the sweet spot, for me, is 4.3″-4.5″. Anything larger and it gets a bit…. unwieldy.

  • Mecha Aslan

    That’s what she said…

  • Mecha Aslan

    I am still deciding on whether to get a phablet with WP8 or a Tablet with RT

  • bikdav

    The …. um ….. “bigger” question is whether my service provider will offer this phablet. There is no such thing as ‘buy any phone and use it with any service’.

  • Rand0m3

    If the 1520 comes to TMOUS I’ll probably grab it but only if it comes with the 64 GB option or SD option and hopefully WP 8.1. Quad core would be nice (only because I think it will help with the real time image processing apps should they have a 20 MP camera)