Microsoft says they are still committed to other Windows Phone partners


Similarly to when Microsoft created the Surface tablet, now that they own Nokia they are directly competing with their partners. HTC, Samsung, Huawei, and others have already been competing with a juggernaut in Nokia, but now they face an even larger beast. Other manufactures have never fared that well with Windows Phone to begin with. It’s only natural that they would be more hesitant now, but Microsoft is reassuring them it will be okay.

Ballmer says the big reason why they chose to purchase Nokia’s devices and services unit is to increase sales and marketshare to drive up value in the ecosystem. He argues that this will only make things better for everyone else creating Windows Phone devices. In other words, if Microsoft can make Nokia phones more popular people will recognize Windows Phone as a whole more.

The strategy does sound like it will work, especially since Windows Phone looks the same on all devices. If Nokia Lumia phones become as popular as iPhone’s or Android people will see the unmistakable live tiles on HTC or Samsung devices too. Do you think Microsoft + Nokia can build up Windows Phone for everyone?

[via The Verge]

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