[CONTEST] Spoil Your Phone with our Accessory Pack Giveaway!



The winner is Sherwin Binarao. Thanks for playing, everyone!

Who’s ready for a giveaway?! The good folks over at MobileFun.com have hooked us up with accessory packs to give away to one lucky reader. These accessory packs include things like cases, wireless charging pads, screen protectors, headphones, and more. Each pack also comes with their popular CleanSeal product for coating your device to protect against dirt, fingerprints, and bacteria.

The winner will be able to choose the accessory pack of their choosing. Below is a list of the available packs.

How To Enter

  • It’s super simple to enter. All you have to do is Like our Facebook page. That’s it.
  • BUT if you already like our Facebook page leave us a comment below so we know to include you!
  • MobileFun ships worldwide, so feel free to enter if you don’t live in the U.S.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed, and liking us with your Facebook Page doesn’t count.

win stuff

The winner will be randomly selected one week from today (9/3). They will get to choose one of the following accessory packs.

Lumia 1020

Lumia 925

Lumia 920


Lumia 520

Samsung ATIV S

Thanks to MobileFun for providing us with the goods for this giveaway. If you don’t win you should still check them out for accessories to go with your phone. Thanks for playing, and good luck!

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    Me and my Lumia 920 are in :)

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    This will be a great companion for my HTC 8x. So excited for next week. :D

  • This is a great contest for my HTC One

  • You do realize the HTC One is not on the list, right?

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    Count me in. Thanks. ATIV S.

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