Microsoft Surface 2 specs leak, includes Haswell processor and new kickstand


Around 8 months ago Microsoft released the Surface Pro tablet. In that time sales have not been as good as Microsoft hoped, which has resulted in price cuts all around. Despite the poor sales Microsoft is committed to the Surface brand and idea. Back in June we noticed that Microsoft was testing Surface with Haswell processor at BUILD, and today we have more leaked specs.

The Surface Pro 2 will run Intel’s new Haswell Core i5 processor, which will improve performance and battery life. RAM will also be upgraded from 4GB to 8GB. The overall look of the device will be very similar to the original model, but it will have a new “refined” kickstand. We don’t know anything about release date, but it could coincide with the launch of Windows 8.1.

Would you be interested in a Surface 2 with these specs?

[via Neowin]

  • simonesweetweet

    sure! But hopefully it will be a little thinner and lighter if the fisics permitted

  • timmyjoe42

    I just can’t get past the price being twice that of a laptop.

  • Billscarnage

    No thanks. RT works just fine for moi. Haswell should hopefully keep them a bit cooler too.

  • Boas Andreasen

    Do you think there will be any possibility for a microsoft surface pro 2 with i7?