Heroes of Mythology: a fighting game with a mythical twist [Video]

Hereos of Mythology

Back in the day 2D beat ’em up games were a favorite on consoles like the NES and SNES. They have dropped in popularity a little since the invention of touchscreens, and mobile games. Windows Phone has a few options if you want to play a beat ’em, but not enough. Heroes of Mythology is a new game that does the beat ’em up genre proud.

Heroes of Mythology is a throwback to the 2D beat ’em up games, and it’s tons of fun. You can play as either the spear-wielding Achilles, or the hammer-wielding Hercules. The game consists of waves of enemies, and it is your job to defeat them. At your disposal is on-screen attack and dodge buttons. Pressing the attack button three or four times repeatedly will perform special combo attacks.

We had a lot of fun with Heroes of Mythology. The art and music in the game are great, and the overall design is very well done. The controls are easy to use, but prepare to feel like a button masher. If you’re a fan of classic beat ’em up games this is definitely one to check out. Heroes of Mythology is available for $0.99 and free trial on Windows Phone 8 & 7. Try it today!

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