[Poll] How much did Nokia play a part in your decision to use Windows Phone?


We’ve been hearing a lot of news in the aftermath of the Microsoft+Nokia acquisition. One of the more interesting pieces involves the use of certain Nokia brand names, such as “Lumia” and “Asha,” as well as the ┬áname “Nokia” itself. Turns out Microsoft owns most of these names now, and any new smartphones won’t bear the name “Nokia” at all.

This got us thinking. How big of a role has the Nokia brand played in the rise of Windows Phone? Are people buying Nokia devices because they like Nokia? Or is it because they like the things that Nokia devices offer, such as colors and great cameras? If Microsoft releases devices that don’t bear the name “Nokia,” but look to be Nokia devices in every other way, will you still buy it?

How important is the Nokia brand to you?

  • idlelimey

    I actually switched to Windows Phone on the launch of Windows Phone 7. At the time, Nokia was not a partner and played no part in my choice to move to WP7. Later, it quickly became apparent that Nokia were producing the best phones with only HTC’s 8X being comparable to the Lumia range IMO.

  • Pookiewood

    This! Exactly! I was a WinMo/Zune guy and filled MS. Windows Phone is the reason I bought my first Nokia phone(Lumia 920).

  • Ryan Lounsbury

    Nokia had nothing to do with my move to Windows Phone. I’m not even that big of a fan of the Lumia 9XX series. I love the screen but the phone itself always felt awkward in my hand and the girth of 920 is a problem and I mocked the reviewers saying it was being over played (oops!). I may have to give the 1020 or 925/928 a second chance since they slimmed down the device.

    I’m actually using an HTC 8X at the moment because it has the sweet spot in screen size and weight for me. I don’t have terribly large hands so those screens that get close to and go north of 5″ tend to be overkill for my needs.

    I really switched to Windows Phone because I feel and still do that it is the best Mobile OS out of the big 3 (iOS and Android the alts of course). That is even more true with the playskool verison of iOS Apple is rolling out with iOS 7.

    I’m really hoping that with Microsoft buying Nokia that at MWC in 2014 they debut a Surface Phone and launch it by Q3 or Q4 2014. If you take the current Surface design language and blunt the sharp edges you would have an amazing phone especially if they screen size is in the 4.8″ range. Pair that with Nokia’s Clear Black technology and their ridiculous camera phone sensors and you have easily the best hardware on the market.

  • hexagon71

    the very affordable nokia lumia 520 made possible my trying out windows phone 8, but if another came out with the same decent or better specs at around the same price range, i would’ve considered their offering, too.