Surface 2 will have a Power Cover with built-in battery


Rumors for the new Surface tablet have been starting to pop up more and more lately, and that’s a good thing for anyone thinking about getting one. The last batch of rumors pointed to a Haswell processor, doubled RAM, and an improved kickstand. Today we are learning about the improved keyboard.

Microsoft released the Touch and Type Covers to go along Surface, and while they are very innovative, they could be better. One way they could be improved is with some extra battery life for the tablet, and it looks like that is exactly what they will do.

Paul Thurott and The Verge are reporting that Microsoft will be unveiling a new “Power Cover” for Surface 2. The Power Cover will be similar thickness to the Type Cover, but include a batter. Surface 2 will have a new connector to transfer power to the tablet. This means the Power Cover won’t work with the current devices.

We love the idea of a Power Cover, especially at the same thickness of the existing Type Cover. Would you like one for your Surface 2?

  • overtyme

    Thought we were going to see a power cover for the current Surface Pro

  • Boas Andreasen

    I dont know if i should buy a macbook air or a microsoft surface pro 2, i already have the microsoft surface rt.