Forum Talk: AT&T plans, Windows Phone battery life, and news readers


Welcome back for another edition of Forum Talk! If you’re not a member of our forums you could be missing out on some great conversations. Indie apps, user questions, and fun random discussions are all just a click away from the home page. Some good threads were started this week, and we’d like to share a few of our favorites.

News reader apps?

Forum member untitled1 is switching from Android to Windows Phone for the Lumia 1020. He used to use Pulse, but since they don’t have a WP app he is looking for a replacement. Share your favorite news reader and help a new user out!

what Windows phone do you have and how long does your battery last ?

Forum member winmo is looking to compile some data to decide which Windows Phone has the best battery life so he can make an informed purchase. Help him out and share what phone you have, and what kind of battery life you get.

Advice on a tripod?

A new Lumia 1020 user is looking for recommendations for tripods to work with the camera grip. Have any suggestions for him?

Switching to AT&T

A forum member is making the switch to AT&T from Verizon. He’s wondering about their plans, and if it would be worth it for him to add a line to an existing unlimited account, or just create his own line. Help him out!

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