[Chart] How big is the Lumia 1520 next to other devices and objects?

1520 size comparison

Earlier this morning the Lumia 1520 leaked in full press render goodness. This gave us our first clear look at what the device will look like. However, the look of this device is not really that important. It’s the size that will be the decision maker for most Windows Phone users. The 1520 is the first phablet we’ve seen, so how does it compare in size to other devices?

We won’t know the physical dimensions until Nokia releases them, but what we do know is the alleged screen size: 6-inches. With that information I scaled the image from @evleaks to match a 6-inch diagonal screen size (at 1080p resolution). After that I figured out that the rough dimensions of the Lumia 1520 are 6.4 x 3.4-inches. This is not exact, but it should be pretty close.

Now that I have the size of the 1520 I can easily compare it to other devices and objects. In the photo above you can see the size compared to a credit card, Lumia 920, Galaxy Note 2, a pencil, and Nexus 7. How does the size look to you? Too big or just right?

  • idlelimey

    Nicely done! Thanks for producing this. It’s a big ‘un!

  • CX1

    I thought I read in one of the leaked spec lists it was barely taller than the Note with much less bezel on top and bottom of the screen.

  • If you look at the previous post there seems to be quite a bit of bezel on the top and bottom.


  • Ryan Lounsbury

    Good Lord that is big. The images of the 1080p display with all those rows of Live Tiles looks awesome but there is now way I could find a phone roughly 2/3’s the size of a Nexus 7 to be functional for daily use. I think I’ll be in the Lumia 9XX range for the immediate future. Still holding out hope Q3 or Q4 next year we see a Surface Phone.

  • Benny D. Bowser

    I don’t think we’ll see a Surface Phone as MS just bought Nokia. This pretty much IS the surface phone :)

  • CX1

    Agreed, I also just realized they were comparing it to the Note III.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Bigger than the Note 2?! People already complain about the Note 2’s size. That thing is pretty huge.

  • Telework Advocacy

    Looks gorgeous! Plenty of room to take care of business!

  • peterfares

    Nokia <3 Bezel

  • Quikmix

    unless you have dainty hands, it should be fine.

  • Donovan Shore

    That’s what she said.

  • Ryan Lounsbury

    I would disagree. I think the first Microsoft produced phone w/o Nokia’s input as we know it will probably be more inline with Microsoft’s Surface design language than the pastel polycarbonate Lumia series. The Lumia series will certainly live on due to its success but I would expect Microsoft to come out with their “standard” of what a Windows Phone should be (even if the Lumia line is effectively a Microsoft product now).

  • Benny D. Bowser

    That would be nice!