Phonly is an upcoming Feedly app for Windows Phone 8


A couple existing Google Reader apps, such as Nextgen Reader, have implemented Feedly support, but there is not a dedicated Feedly app. Phonly looks to be the first Feedly app for Windows Phone, until Feedly comes out with an official app.

Feedly is a popular RSS reading service. They currently have iOS, Android, and web apps. Phonly uses the Feedly API’s to offer a full featured app for Windows Phone users. Besides letting you do the obvious reading and save for later, Phonly also has lockscreen support, and a working live tile. Currently Phonly is in closed beta, but it should be coming to the Store soon. Hit the link below to enter your name into the closed beta.

The app design looks very, very slick. We can’t wait to use this app when it gets released. Do you use Feedly?

[via Phonly]

Thanks Nik!

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