New photos of Nokia’s giant Lumia 1520 emerge, shows off camera bump


The Nokia Lumia 1520 is a big phone. So big that it can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight. Last week a press render was leaked, and we compared it in size to other device. Over the weekend the mammoth phone leaked in the flesh, and it looks as big as we expected.

The photo from The Verge shows the 1520 compared to a Sony Xperia Z, which has a pretty big 5-inch display. The 6-inch display of the 1520 dwarfs the Xperia Z. We can’t help but wonder if Nokia has gone a little overboard with this size. Not even the Galaxy Note is 6-inches. Other specs include a quad-core processor and “no less than 20MP” camera.

Speaking of the camera, The Verge also says the 1520 will work similarly to the 1020. It will take a 5MP and 16MP photo simultaneously. The 5MP photo is used for sharing, and the 16MP is used for editing, adding to photo albums, etc. This device is looking to be a beast. Who wants one?


  • Brandon S.

    I am more interested in the 925 being released on att. Hurry up already!

  • Me too! I pre-ordered mine already. :)

  • Brandon Sobotta

    Purchased one out of luck and have to say its really slick.