The Competition: Will you be watching the iPhone 5S & 5C event?

Apple Event

Today is a big day in the tech community. Apple will be unveiling their highly anticipated new iPhone, which many assume will be called the 5S. They will also show off a cheaper model called the iPhone 5C. Many of you might not give a damn, but all eyes in the mobile industry will be on Apple today. If you do care, here is how to follow the event today.

You may have noticed the “iPhone/iPad” button in the top bar of the site. That goes to, our iOS sister site. Today they will be covering everything that happens at the Apple event. We will also have some minimal coverage right here on WinSource. When the new devices are announced we will have comparison posts with the top Windows devices.

Follow iSource on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to get all the news right in your favorite social network. After the event there will be a live Google Hangout (which may include yours truly) to discuss everything Apple announces. Buckle up for an exciting day in mobile news!

Do you care about Apple events? Will you be watching at all?

  • idlelimey

    Of most concern is the ‘Champagne’ colour. Like the last turkey in the shop at Christmas*, it’ll be there when the black and white versions sell out so buyers won’t be entirely disappointed.

    We should all be paying attention to iOS 7 though, there may be interesting features on there that could make useful additions to our beloved Windows Phone.

    * Perhaps Turkey’s are more a Thanksgiving thing for our american cousins? It says a lot that I’m now more interested in the Christmas dinner traditions in the US than I am of this Apple event. ;)

  • Billscarnage

    Apple had an event???