[Chart] iPhone 5C vs Nokia Lumia 520


Apple has officially entered the mid-range/low-end phone market with the iPhone 5C. At least that’s what they would like us to believe. Nokia has been in that market for a very, very long time, and the iPhone 5C does not compete. The 5C is $99 with a contract, the 520 is $99 without contract. That is a HUGE difference. The Lumia 520 wins on price alone.

Many people expected the 5C to be Apple’s attempt to get into emerging markets, but for $550 that isn’t happening. All Apple wants to do with the iPhone 5C is repackage the iPhone 5 to make it more appealing. A lot of people are going to compare these phones, but it’s not a fair fight. The 5C wins on specs, but the 520 wins on affordability. If you’re looking to get a low-end phone the 520  is the easy choice.

  • red

    Compare 5c with lumia 925…as such price(off contract) matches in this case…5c is a middle end phone

  • toph36

    Joe, these are not really comparable devices. The 520 is a low-end, yet very capable phone. The iPhone 5c seems to be more comparable to what the iPhone 5 is now, which would put in line more with the 9xx series Lumias. With the price, yes the 520 is $100, but that is without a contract, while the iPhone 5c is $100 with a contract. The off contract price I would image is at least $399 for the 16GB model. Why don’t you find a better phone for your comparison?

  • EricBehm

    Lumia 520 off contract – $99
    iPhone 5c off contract – $549

  • Touche.

  • That_told_you_ha

    Nokia Lumia 520 is wayyyyy better. Considering the specs and quality of the Lumia 520, and the fact that you can pick one up for £79.95 brand new. It’s also funny how the Iphone 5C is being compared to Nokia’s budget model, when it has the same price as Nokia’s high end Lumia 920 model. By comparing an expensive phone to Nokia’s 520 budget model, you are just flattering Nokia and showing just how good the Lumia 520 is. And it’s not even worth comparing the Iphone 5C to the Nokia Lumia 920, the 920 chews it up and spits it out.

  • You guys aren’t giving the 520 enough credit. I think it holds up well here.

  • Florin N

    actually the iPhone 5c is 550$ without a contract.So…it’s 5x more expensive than the 520, while only marginally better.Not comparable though, so I agree.

  • toph36

    I don’t think any of us think that the 520 is a bad phone, it is great for what it is. However, the 5C is a mid-range at worse and is not is the same category as the 520. But to compare the price of the 5c to the 520, you should compare the off contract price. You could buy six 520s for the price of one 5c. For the value in what you get for your money, the 520 blows away the 5c.

  • Gaurav Verma

    an they are saying apple is entering into the mid-range phone segment. Who the hell’s spreading this rumour. How can you compare £340 apple product with £120 nokia product. Or when you say mid-range segment it means the new borne in rich society

  • Ashish

    best is nokia lumia 520.
    value to money


    Resolution “retina”, really?

  • esail

    um the nokia Lumia 928 is a Verizon flagship phone, and is free with contract( It cost’s about the same as the IPhone 5c off contract) I don’t know bout you apple lovers, but as for me, give 928 of give me DEATH! lol

  • esail

    the IPhone 5c should be compared to a Lumia 625, than it would be a fair comparison.

  • esail

    processor a6 really, lol