[Chart] iPhone 5S vs Lumia 1020 vs Lumia 920


Well, a new iPhone has been announced. When a new flagship phone for other platforms comes out we like to compare it to the best that Windows Phone has to offer. This time we are comparing Apple’s new iPhone 5S to the Nokia Lumia 1020 and Lumia 920. Who wins the showdown? Can Windows Phone compete with the new iPhone?

One thing we know for sure is that the Lumia 1020 wins on the camera front. Everywhere else the competition is much closer. Apple actually said the iPhone is still the smartphone camera to beat. Really? Last time I checked no one was even close to the Lumia 1020. What do you think?

  • Dominic Blakey

    Lumia 1020 is actually in a 64GB version along side the 32GB version here in the UK

  • capotini

    apple always says it best in everything! ios7 they said it was redefining smartphone, right firt camed Windows phone, then android butter operation and last apple, still they redefined! lol these guys rock, they are like Microsoft! when they are on top everything is cool, when they are down they are jockers right!

  • Harley22x

    Also, resolution, why did you call Apple “retina”? Why didn’t you post the resolution. Better yet, why not post the DPI, that way there is a clear definition. Also, Facetime HD… that says nothing about the MP, and like Dominic Blakey said. 1020 also comes in 64GB

  • Ryan Lounsbury

    More to the point, why bother posting this as all considering it was hacked together for a link grab because today is iPhone day. Just because Apple is launching an iPhone doesn’t mean an MS focused site needs to knee jerk news headlines in response. Yeesh. Apple still rules to world without even trying.

  • phatcat


  • This is a common feature on the site, not just for iPhone day. There is nothing wrong with looking at the competition .

  • Aries De la Luna

    I love apple but since Steve Jobs is DEAD so is Apple! Lack of imaginations iphone 5s or 5c? Really? is it worth the upgrade? new color? a few MP and a freaking thumb security? We all know they can do so much better than that considering the technology now a days…. i owned from first gen iphone till iphone 5, macbook pro, and all the ipad gen including the new ipad!!!! but I will NOT buy that stupid iphone 5s or iphone 5c! I just got the new nokia 1020, I just visited Hawaii and took so much amazing photos that iphone has no capability of taking…. not even close!!! not to mention its own lighting adjustments…. the smart cam and the cinemagrap! i’m piss cuz i love apple all my life that i didn’t know what i was missing until Now! and for the record bringing DSL Camera is a pain in the ass when u can have nokia 1020 that fits right through your pockets…. i took this to the concert and the zoom is amazing! if you don’t believe me just check out my FB for the amazing photos

  • sdf

    hahahahha retina :D what a crap comparasion