Dell is bringing back the ‘Venue’ name with 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet


Remember the Dell Venue Pro? It was an original generation Windows Phone device with a portrait slide-out keyboard. The phone looked really great, but after countless launch delays, and then bugs in the software, it became a flop. Dell has since abandoned the “Venue” name…until now.

At the annual Intel Developer Forum event Dell has announced a new Windows tablet. The device runs Intel’s Bay Trail processor, has an 8-inch display, and runs Windows 8.1 Pro. Dell has shied away from the tablet market in recent years, ever since they failed hard with Android. It’s nice to see them coming back, and this device should be a nice little (and powerful) tablet.

[via Anandtech]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Let’s see how they do this time around.

  • Shan Umasankar

    The red version is so hot..

  • Atul Malhotra

    Exactly Uma. Do they plan to have a 10 inch version of this as well ? I am kinda torn between this and Asus T100. Also, in the next few days, expect Lenovo, Acer and even Nokia to bring in a Baytrail tablet. Exciting times indeed !

  • Shan Umasankar

    No leaks yet on Venue 10-inch. Yup Asus not cute but it’s hard to miss that it includes keyboard dock for that price ~300$..
    Even I – especially after the new nokia tablet image leaked – that’s a red one too but 10 inch RT.

  • Shan Umasankar

    I mean Asus not cute as this red one – its good looking though

  • Atul Malhotra

    I forgot the Toshiba Encore !

  • Shan Umasankar

    I meant in 300 range but not exactly 300.. ;)

    Didn’t you see sony tap 11.. the thinnest windows 8 tablet. I loved the white flavor and probably get one to replace my twist.. :)

  • Atul Malhotra

    Seems like companies are listening to me after all. !

    Dell have a 10.8 ( yes not 10.1 or 11) inch Baytrail Tab in the making codenamed Midland

    Lenovo have a 10 inch tab coming ( baytrail version of their existing 10 incher Miix) called Miix 2 and an 8 inch one called Miix 8