Nokia announces a new slim wireless charging pad and mobile battery pack

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So, you like to charge your phone? Nokia has you covered. Today they have announced two new charging accessories to always keep your battery full. The DT-601 is a new wireless charging pad, and the DC-19 is a new mobile battery charger.

The DT-601 is different from previous wireless charging pads because of its size. The 601 is much smaller and easier to take with you. The previous model was thick and bulky if you wanted to put it in your pocket. Speaking of pockets, the DC-19 can easily go with you anywhere. It’s cylindrical shape packs a 3200 mAh battery inside for emergency charges.

The DT-601 will cost €29 and will be available in yellow, cyan, bright red, black, and white, arriving in the next months. The DC-19 comes in cyan, white and yellow, and it will be available this month for €29 as well.

[via Nokia]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I love Nokia accessories!

  • I wonder if I can connect DT-601 to DC-19’s “base” and have a TRULY wireless charger…

  • Ale chcesz być geeky :-D

  • Since I’m not a techie, can someone explain to me why the wireless charging pads can’t ALSO function as a dock for synching w your puter when plugged directly into puter? Doesnt the tech exist to construct them so they do both?

  • I think it’s because wireless charging isn’t very strong. Transferring files would be unreliable.

  • thanks. they should fix that. I wanna be able to charge & synch at the same time. #MakeItSoSaidPicard