Windows Phone 8.1 photo leak shows multiple tile selection


The leaks for the next version of Windows Phone are coming in hot and heavy. Lately we’ve been seeing a lot about GDR3 and WP 8.1. Just to clear things up, these two updates are not the same thing. GDR3 is the next update, and it will add some relatively big things, but WP 8.1 will be a massive update after that.

Today’s leak is regarding the latter, Windows Phone 8.1. This is the update that will allegedly bring finally bring the notification center. The latest leaked photo does indeed show the notification center tile, but that’s not the interesting part. A group of small tiles has been selected all together. This is a similar function to Windows 8.1, and would allows users to move the apps together, create a group, or make a folder.

The computer screen behind the phone does say “Windows Phone 8.1 Pro.” The Pro moniker is an interesting addition. The photo also shows that the evaluation copy of the software expires in January. Could this mean 8.1 is coming after the new year? We’ll just have to wait and see, but this update is starting to look impressive.

[The Verge via Windows]

  • Erick

    The screen on the background has Windows 8.1 Pro on it which is to be released for PCs, and has no relation to the version of Windows Phone on the phone itself. One’s a computer running Windows 8.1 Pro and the other is a phone possibly running Windows Phone 8.1, and I say possibly because it is not confirmed. It’s surprising to find the author a little naive on the subject.

  • You are right. My brain inserted a word there. Oops.

  • Ryan Lounsbury

    This would be an incredibly welcome addition to managing the start screen on Windows Phone. We have one of the more elegant screens in the mobile world but are still stuck with moving one tile at a time. Being able to grab a group and move them at once would be huge. I can imagine this would be an even bigger deal for the upcoming Lumia phablet at 1080p and it’s monster screen. That’s a lot of tiles to move around one-at-a-time.