‘Cortana’ is Microsoft’s answer to Siri for Windows Phone 8.1


Windows Phone currently has some handy, but basic, voice commands built-in. Many users have been asking Microsoft for features more like Siri or Google Now. According to the latest Windows Phone 8.1. leak Microsoft is indeed working on voice commands, and they call it “Cortana.”

Cortana, of course, is the AI character from the Halo series. Leaked screenshots give us an early look at the Cortana app. According to the screenshots, Cortana will be able to pull in weather, notifications, and calendar events into one central location. There is much more inside the app, too. Signals, contexts, bluetooth, location services, etc. We are very curious to see what Microsoft does with this, and we really hope to hear Cortana’s voice.

[via The Verge

  • Yuan Taizong

    I hope that the service shall also be called ”Cortana”, it would be awesome :-D

  • Ryan Lounsbury

    That would be a nice step forward for the mobile digital assistant concept. A voice that actually sounds nice and not like a DJ on crack with a mixer.

  • MCTronix

    Love it! It’s so natural that the assistant be called Cortana. Microsoft, please use the voice from the game. That would be incredibly cool!

  • Rand0m3

    I want it to render a holographic image of the game character while performing those tasks….Too much to ask for? I want all the toys MC has but without the stress of getting constantly shot at, just sayin’….

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130