Windows Phone 8.1: Actionable notifications, sortable app list, and more leaks


Wow! Whoever has Windows Phone 8.1 is not being shy about sharing it with the world. Today we have even more leaks about what will be included in Microsoft’s next big Windows Phone overhaul, and the features are looking exceptionally awesome. Be sure to check out all of our previous Windows Phone 8.1 articles here.

Actionable Notifications

A new feature in Windows 8.1 is the ability to take action on notifications right from the toast notification pop-up. This can be seen in Skype where you can choose to use video or voice right from the notification pop-up. This handy feature will also be coming to Windows Phone 8.1. The screenshot shows the ability to respond to a Facebook message right from the notification. How cool is that?

Ghost Notifications

Another form of notifications will be “Ghost notifications.” This will be a setting that will allow you to send notifications from certain apps directly to the notification center. They won’t pop-up and distract you, but they will be there when you are ready to check notifications. A handy tool for apps that you don’t care much about.

App List Sorting

This feature has been long rumored for Windows Phone. In Windows 8.1 Microsoft added the ability to sort the app list by name, most used, last used, etc. The screenshot shows this same feature in the Windows Phone 8.1 app list. This will make finding apps much easier and quicker.

Battery Percentage


Last, but not least, is battery percentage. A new option in the settings will allow users to “show battery percentage” right in the status bar up top. It will appear next to the existing battery icon. As someone who always uses the battery level live tiles I can’t wait for this feature.

So, what are you looking most forward to? What feature is a must-have?

[via WPC]

  • Rand0m3

    As long as the notification center doesn’t take away from the Live tiles experience, I’m good. I want Cortana though! Battery percentage would be nice but its very rare I worry about it since the battery saver is kind of my early warning that I need to go find a power source (and the price of the portable power packs has dropped a fair bit so I grabbed a couple jic I plan to be away from power).
    I’m honestly more looking forward to the new hardware that will be used for 8.1! I hope they make current 8.0 phones ALL upgradable in some form or fashion though. (I’ll be getting that 1520 if it comes to TMOUS but will probably wait now to see what the upgrade path will be like first).

  • kamaelxiii

    Im really looking forward to be able to add settings shortcut to notification center just like in android. But the idea i have in mind is that the user will be able to select what items in the settings they will be able to add a shortcut to. So that when they open the notif center, they will see what’s essential for them unlike in android that you get a list of shortcuts that you don’t need or you seldom use. I know that there are apps out there that have this capability but I know too that its very limited and having them built in is a big deal for those people who own a wp with lower storage capacity.

    actionable notification feat will be a great addition.