In aftermath of Nokia acquisition, Huawei is the first manufacturer to speak up

ascend w1 2

Immediately after Microsoft bought Nokia’s hardware division the question was put to other Windows Phone manufacturers: “will you stick with Microsoft?” Since Nokia commands 80% of Windows Phone marketshare many wonder if other OEMs will even try anymore. Samsung and HTC didn’t have much to say on the matter, but finally this week one manufacturer did speak up.

Huawei has only created two Windows Phone devices to date: the Ascend W1 and W2. These devices (and Huawei itself) aren’t very big here in the U.S., but over in China they do very well. Huawei exec Richard Ren says “we will continue to develop devices running Windows Phone. We remain one of Microsoft’s strategic partners.”

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that in other countries Windows Phone is doing very well. Here in the U.S. the marketshare is very low, but in countries like India, Italy, and France it is sometimes outselling the iPhone. Microsoft needs Huawei to keep that overseas presence. Now, if we could ┬ájust get them to release more devices.

[via WSJ]

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