Forum Talk: iPhone 5C vs Lumia 520, alternative email apps, and more!


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iPhone 5C or Lumia 520?

A budget phone buyer is wondering if they should buy the iPhone 5C or the Lumia 520. Check out our comparison from earlier this week and help them make an educated decision!

Alternative email client?

Forum member untitled1 is wondering if there are any alternatives to the stock email app. There aren’t many, but there are a few out there. Let him know what alternative apps you use!

How I fix my Lumia920 battery not charge

member persona3 is having some issues with this Lumia 920 battery. He was given the phone from a friend, and he wanted to factory reset it before he used the device. After performing the reset he has had tons of problems. Read more about it at the thread.

[Game] Bunny Beyond

bunny beyond

This awesome looking game by Simpleton was posted in our forums this week.It’s a new take on the classic whack-a-mole genre. You fight different types of space bunnies with different types of weapons, and it looks great too.

[Game] Alpha Blocks

alpha blocks

Alpha Blocks is a modern block breaking game, with a unique Metro design. We’ve all played games like Breakout, but Alpha Blocks brings it up to speed with modern technology. It’s simple, fun, and addictive.

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  • LOL

  • I mean this in the most sincere way: Not a single one of these threads has more than 2 replies, some have even less. It’s been that way in past weeks I’ve seen them too. Honestly, it just seems like click-baiting posting a column like this with such inactive forums. I think you guys do some great articles, and although few, the comment replies to them are usually helpful. This is just painful to see.

  • The lack of activity is precisely why this post exists. People are asking questions and sharing apps they’ve created, and we’re trying to get people to see those questions and apps. You could sign up and help these threads.