PSA: Nokia Lumia 925 available now at AT&T, and a story about pre-ordering

lumia 925 ATT black

The highly anticipated arrival of the Nokia Lumia 925 on AT&T is here. Starting today you can pick one up at store for $99 with a new two-year contract. Last month pre-orders started, but more on that later. The Lumia 925 was originally a T-Mobile exclusive, and unfortunately they still have an exclusive on the white model.

The 925 sheds the familiar polycarbonate body from the Lumia 800-1020 and adds a touch of aluminum. It’s thinner, lighter, and just plain gorgeous. The guts are similar to the Lumia 920, save for a slightly upgraded camera. It’s an awesome phone.

Now, about that pre-ordering…mad-at-computer

If you listen to our podcast you might know that I really like the Lumia 925, but I’m not on Tmo. When it was announced for AT&T I got excited. Pre-orders began on August 28th, which is when I got online and ordered mine. At that time I was told it would ship on September 11th. On the 11th I checked my order and found out the phone is on backorder, and it won’t ship for “5-7 days.”

AT&T, what is the point of offering a pre-order if I won’t get the phone until after it’s available in stores? Has anyone else had this horrible problem? I just want my phone!


  • Edgar Cervantes

    This is why I don’t like pre-ordering stuff. I really would rather wait until it is available, even if it goes out of stock for weeks.

  • yanivc

    Sorry for your pain Joe, I can honestly say as a 925 owner on TMO, you will LOVE the phone. Ive had almost every smart phone you can think of from my handspring to treo to iphone to almost every android and so far THIS is finally a phone I can keep.
    Why are you on AT&T anyways? TMO has LTE better pricing and almost all the same hardware, why not switch?
    —– On the other hand though…… you have 5 fingers :)