Buy the Nokia Lumia 1020 on Amazon for just $149 [Deal]


Recently the Nokia Lumia 1020 (our review) super cameraphone got a permanent price drop on Amazon. Originally the 1020 was priced at $300 with a new contract, which seemed steep to some people. Granted, most flagship phones costs $200 on contract, but none have the camera tech you get with the 1020. Today the Lumia 1020 has dropped even lower.

Right now at Amazon you can get the Lumia 1020 for just $149 with a new contract. All three colors are available (white, yellow, black), and we’re not sure if this is a permanent price change. The Lumia 1020, of course, has that incredible 41MP photo. It takes the best photos you have ever seen from a phone. You can zoom in and not lose any quality. For $150 it’s a really great deal.

Black, White, Yellow

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