The Nokia 108 is the perfect backup phone for just $29 without contract


Feature phones may be going the way of the dinosaur, but they still serve a valuable purpose as backup phones or “off the grid” devices. Nokia is one of the best at making affordable (and awesome) feature phones. Their newest, the Nokia 108, is the cheapest one yet. For just $29 (without contract) you can have one of these cute little phones. But why?

  • Say you damage your smartphone and it doesn’t work. You don’t want to be unreachable to the outside world in case of emergency. Just pop your SIM inside this cheap phone and you will at least be able to receive calls until your smartphone is fixed.
  • You’re tired of the constant stream of notifications, flipping live tiles, and status updates. Take the weekend to go “off the grid” and downgrade to the feature phone lifestyle for a few days. Remember what it was like to not be distracted by your phone at all times? Now you will.

What do you get for $29?¬†You get a 1.8-inch display that will easily fit in your skinny jeans, unlike that Lumia 1520. A retro VGA camera for blurry “you had to be there” pics. Room for up to a 32GB SD card. FM Radio, Bluetooth 3.0, and battery life up to 31 DAYS. The 108 is also a dual-SIM GSM device, which means it can handle multiple phone lines.

The Nokia 108 will be shipping in Q4 of this year in white, red, cyan, black, and yellow. Did I convince anyone to buy this cute little phone?

  • Donovan Shore

    For the price. I will probably grab one.