Bing gets a brand new logo and complete redesign


The search engine that everyone loves to hate just got a little prettier. Microsoft is rolling out a new logo and design for Bing, and all of it’s connected services. The Bing logo redesign has been a long time coming, but they didn’t go with the logo that was leaked some time ago. This new logo is a much better version of the old 90’s-esque lowercase ‘bing’.

The new logo fits with Microsoft’s new design language, and among other Microsoft services. It’s clean, flat, and simple. To go along with the new logo is a redesigned website and mobile apps. Microsoft is rolling out several new features.



Melding results from your friends and the web into one coherent list of results.

Page Zero

Page Zero is a new feature that will bring in relavent searches while you are typing. The right side of the page will show relavent searches, and the left side will show suggested searches.

Pole Position

When you do a search Bing will put some of the results that it feels are most relavent up top. This is designed to work when you have a very ambiguous search.

Check out the video below to see these new features, and the redesigned interface, in action. Microsoft is making a big push with Bing. Do you use Bing or Google? If you use Google, why do you use it over Bing?

[via The Verge]

  • Ryan Lounsbury

    This must be why I have a new firmware update on my unlocked HTC 8X… I guess I’ll find out momentarily.

  • I really dig the new look over the previous one. And I like that the yellow/orange in the Microsoft logo now has a product associated with it. Very smart/good.