MetroTalk for Windows Phone 8 gets new goodies in latest update


The hands-down best Google Voice app for Windows Phone 8 is MetroTalk. Without question. All competitors have sort of crumbled, which is fine, because MetroTalk happens to be a really great app. The developer has just released an update today with some nice new features and big fixes. Let’s take a look.

The call/text page, which has been janky in the past, has been given a complete overhaul. It now supports T9 dialing, and it’s just much easier to place a call. This is important since you can’t use the stock dialer to place calls through your GV number.

You can also use multiple accounts now, which may be a first for Google Voice apps. Push notifications can be automatically configured though an easy setup process. Push notifications from non-Gmail accounts (such as OUtlook) can be manually configured. For new users there is a setup wizard to guide you through the process. We just used it, and it worked great.

This is a really great app for anyone that uses Google Voice. I happen to rely on GV as my primary number, which makes MetroTalk a critically important app to me. It works great for me, and it will work for you too. Download it below for free or $1.99.


  • New: Complete overhaul of the Call/Text page with support for T9 dialing
  • New: Multiple accounts support with full support for push notifications
  • New: Added ability to automatically configure push notifications on Gmail accounts
  • New: It is now possible to (manually) configure push notifications on non-Gmail accounts (e.g. Outlook)
  • New: Added a new setup wizard for automatically configuring the application
  • New: Added “international filtering” calling method
  • Update: Security improvements
  • Bug fix: Fixed UI issue where lists would occasionally fail to display all their items

MetroTalk (Free)

  • cris

    does this app use your minutes when you make/receive phone calls?