Microsoft has already begun removing the Nokia name from phones


A couple of weeks ago we wrote about how one aspect of the Microsoft+Nokia acquisition involved the naming of devices. Microsoft now owns the “Lumia” and “Asha” brand names, but it also goes much further than that. Any smartphone that Nokia makes won’t even have the “Nokia” name on it anymore. Apparently Microsoft is very anxious for this in particular.

Microsoft took out an ad in the Telegraph to announce their plans to purchase Nokia. The ad is all about the “Microsoft family growing,” and all that sappy corporate speak. But if you look closely there is something much more interesting happening. The Nokia logo that should be emblazoned above the screen on the Lumia 520 stock photo has been removed, as seen below.

nokia removed

We can’t be sure about who exactly removed the logo, but we can be sure that someone did. Just the fact that someone was told to remove the logo is an interesting development. As far as we can tell the Nokia brand is much more beloved than the Microsoft brand. Do they really want to get rid of the Nokia name so quickly? Or is this just a case of one designer trying to make a phone look “clean?”

[via IBT]

  • Ana

    I think they should keep Nokia on there. My main reason for purchasing the phone was because it was a Nokia!

  • well it’s the same picture, just not the same photoshopped front.

  • Tumultus

    Well, how about I buy you a cheap $50.00 phone from China with the word “Nokia” on there? I am sure I can find one. Would you be willing to cough up $100.00 for it? It may become an emerging market and I want to be the first providing the “Nokia” service. :)