Amazon working on Instant Video app for Windows Phone


Amazon has a couple of apps available for Windows Phone: Kindle and Amazon Mobile. It’s been a long time since they did anything new with the platform. One of Amazon’s most requested app is Instant Video. A Windows Phone user emailed Amazon about an Instant Video app, and the reply was promising.

Thanks for suggesting that we add Amazon Instant Video App for Windows Phone and Windows RT.

We are receiving so many requests from our customers to make the Amazon Instant Video app available on Windows Devices. Rest assured our development team is already working on this with Windows guys to make this app available in the near future.

Amazon Instant Video is second only to Netflix in terms of video library. They have an ever-expanding selection of movies and TV shows. Unlike Hulu, Amazon has the klout to really compete with Netflix. This is an app that would be very nice to have. Do you use Amazon Instant Video?

[via WMPU]

  • Necrobain

    Would also love to see an app for Amazon. They seem to be the slowest to bring devices onboard, but once they do it works. In my top 5 wanted apps for Windows 8 on all devices, PC,RT, and Phone. And yes I know you can use the web on PC and RT, but it would be nice to have a dedicated app.

  • Ryan Lounsbury

    Maybe some Amazon MP3 love too?

  • Necrobain

    This app is only for shopping, not for the Videos unfortunately.

  • Necrobain


  • ben

    this would be great! Love my windows phone 8, and subscribe to amazon instant video. Now if they could just allow us to dim the darn capacitive buttons when watching a movie in the dark!

  • AD Neamiah

    How are you able to watch an Amazon Instant Video on a Windows phone?