Ballmer admits Windows Phone has “almost no share,” sees it as an opportunity


Microsoft held its annual Financial Analyst Meeting this morning, and CEO Steve Ballmer was there to speak about a few things. Among the several things discussed, Ballmer talked about the Nokia deal and Windows Phone in general. He was uncharacteristically blunt and honest about Windows Phone’s place in the market.

“Mobile devices. We have almost no share. I don’t know whether to say that with enthusiasm or kind of uncomfortable tension. But I’m an optimistic guy. Any time we have low market share sounds like upside opportunity to me.”

This is the first time we’ve really ever heard Microsoft address the fact that Windows Phone has very small market share. Ballmer sees this as an opportunity, and in many ways it is. As the third place mobile OS there is only one way to go: up. Windows Phone has momentum right now. New apps are coming in every day, and Blackberry is failing hard. There is definitely opportunity.

“The Nokia deal is a lot of things. One of the things it is, is a way to make sure we can capture the gross margin upside because we’re making most of the investment today, that we need to make even owning Nokia.”

With Nokia in the Microsoft kitchen they can bake things that work great together. There will be no more secrets between the two companies about what they are working on. When a new Windows Phone feature arises the Nokia team will be able to build something for it, and vice versa. Ballmer seems to think Windows Phone is headed in the right direction, and we agree.

[via Microsoft]

  • Chris Winkley

    It needs to fuck tiles off or make them more like blinkfeed Polish them up give huge customisation on that metro screen… The OS is nice just needs tweeking… I’m a nexus 4 owner but have had a Lumia.